Ethics and Humanities Pathway Student Projects

Class of 2018
Berger, Rachel
Karp, Michael Robert
Kassi, Yolaine Anelia  
White, Ann Melissa

Class of 2017
Howard, Danielle. Mentor: Rose Maria van Zuilen (VA Geriatrics). Project:   ”Back When They Lost What Made Them People”—an Analysis of Ageism in Popular Medical Television   poster accepted for   American Geriatrics Society 2017 Annual Meeting program, San Antonio. 

Penn, Rachel. Mentors: Monica Broome (Medical Education), Jeffrey P. Brosco (Pediatrics). Project:   A Student-Centered Approach for Teaching the Unteachable Skill of Empathy.

Sweet, Kevin. Mentor: Adriane Gelpi (Bioethics and Public Health Sciences). Project: The Singapore Healthcare System: Ideas and Innovations that have Improved Affordability and Access to Care.

Class of 2016
Faber, David. Mentor: Sam Salama (Surgery). Project:   Organ Donation 101: Educating the Public on the Basics of Organ Donation

Kaakour, Hadi. Mentors: Mark O’Connell (Medicine) and Thomas Musca (Cinema & Interactive Media). Project:   Development of Entertaining Programming for Use in Medical Ethics Education

Bona, Anna. Mentor: Jeffrey P. Brosco (Pediatrics). Project:   Politics and prevalence of ADHD; role of education

Class of 2015
Dixon, Deri-Ann. Mentor: Stephanie White (Pediatrics). Project:   Our Legacy: Minority Female Physicians.

Stone, Melissa. Mentor: Jeffrey P. Brosco (Pediatrics). Project:   Autism Diagnosis/Etiology.

Most, Zachary. Mentor: Kenneth Goodman (Ethics). Project:   Minds and Medical Professionalism: Using Epiphenomenalism to Aid Decision Making in End-of-Life Care.

Nguyen, Linda. Mentor: Richard Tiberious (Medical Education), Project:   Breaking Ground with Simple Art.

Class of 2014
Cox, Audrey. Mentor: Xavier Cortada (Community Artist). Project: Integrating children’s artwork into murals at Jackson outpatient clinic.

Freiser, Monika. Mentor: Robin Fiore (Bioethics). Project:  Florida Hospital Ethics Committees: A Survey .

Stone McGuire, Laura. Mentor: University of Georgia. Project: “The Time to Unite is Now”:   The Revival of the Anti-Vaccination Movement with the Autism-Vaccine Debate  and Jenny McCarthy’s Co-option of the Second Wave Feminist Rhetoric of   Our Bodies, Ourselves.

Van Leer-Greenberg, Brett. Mentor: Jeffrey P. Brosco (Pediatrics). Project:    The Five Senses in Haiti.

Class of 2013
Lawler, Ashley. Mentor: Frank Stringfellow (English). Project:   Shakespeare’s Pacemaker: A Study in Poetic Meter and Cardiac Rhythms.

Harvey, Tynsia. Mentor: Jeffrey P. Brosco (Pediatrics). Project:   An Assessment of Student Athlete Perspectives on Mandate for Sickle Cell Trait Screening.

Muench, Michael. Mentor: Ardash Kumar (Medicine). Project:   Medical Hindi.

Class of 2012
Chen, Emerson. Mentor: Kenneth Goodman (Ethics). Project:   Involving Medical Students in Disaster Response: Ethics, Education and Opportunity.

Hudson, Ryan. Mentor: Richard Tiberius (Medical Education). Project: Artwork (mural?) depicting limits of physiological descriptions of emotion.

Lemelman, Benjamin. Mentor: Walter Lew (English). Project:   Stories/poems that depict his experience as a 3rd year student.