Guardianship: Notes

All cases in this collection are actual and bona fide; that is, no cases have been invented. Names and initials of individuals are used only when the designations are in the public record; in other cases, if a name is used it is fictitious to protect privacy.

While cases included here come from around the country, the material in this document/Website was prepared in Florida and is therefore to some extent shaped by Florida law. Users in other states should not assume that terms (e.g., “proxy” and “surrogate”) are used the same or have the same meaning in all states and jurisdictions.

While many of the cases and comments involve legal as well as ethical issues, nothing in this document should be understood to be providing or suggesting legal advice. Those with legal issues or questions should seek competent legal counsel.

The cases and questions for discussion are intended to be pedagogic tools and not vehicles for expressing opinions or advancing any particular view. Nevertheless, any views that might be inferred from the material herein should be attributed exclusively to the authors and not to the Statewide Public Guardianship Office, the Florida State Guardianship Association, the University of Miami or St. Thomas University.