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Cairns have been used since prehistory to mark a path or the best way forward. 

cairnsThe Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy is marking 30th anniversary of education, research, and service. Support for these missions both underscores and transforms our growth into one of the world's leading venues for clinical, research, and public health ethics and policy.

UM's Institute is the only WHO ethics center in the United States. It supports local hospitals, state organizations, national allies and international partners. Meeting the extraordinary challenges of 21st-Century bioscience, clinical care, and public health requires support commensurate with our vision.

  • Education
    From undergraduate students to seasoned professionals, we develop and deliver curricula that target traditional issues and leading-edge challenges.
  • Public Policy
    Civil society must be guided by values and critical analyses of values in conflict. Ethics is essential for public policy. We partner with local, regional, national, and international organizations to improve policy and governance.
  • Research
    UM's Institute for Bioethics has emerged as a world leader in the study of health information technology, international bioethics, and epidemiology and public health.
  • Developmental Disability Ethics
    Research, policy, and clinical practice related to people with developmental disabilities frequently lead to challenging ethical issues.
  • Recruitment
    Sustaining and expanding these successes requires the recruitment of faculty and post-doctoral fellows to leverage our success in a suite of interdisciplinary fields.
  • Service
    UM ethics teams have long volunteered to support community organizations, social service groups, religious organizations, government entities and others.


Please contact us to discuss Centers, endowed chairs, research fellowships, speaker series, and other naming opportunities.

  • Check  
    Please make your check payable to the Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy and mail it to the following address:
University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine
Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy
PO Box 016960 (M825)
Miami, Florida 33101

  • Estate and Gift Planning
    Giving to the Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy can also be done through a charitable gift that can provide income and tax benefits. Please contact us to discuss.  

Please call or email for more information about philanthropic opportunities in ethics:  305-243-5723 or