Summer Ethics and Philosophy Internship Program

students at a tableThe University of Miami offers a variety of summer internships in ethics and the professions and general philosophy.  Interns, who receive a modest stipend, meet regularly in small groups that include didactic sessions and at which they update faculty and each other on progress in their projects. Students are expected to complete a final, written report at the end of the summer. With rare exceptions, only UM students are eligible for these summer internships.

Established in 1996, the Summer Ethics Internship Program is traditionally sponsored by the University of Miami Ethics Programs, the Department of Philosophy, the College of Arts & Sciences and the Offices of the Provost and Vice Provost for Research.

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  • AKTAS, Duygu
    A Two-Dimensional Account of Gender
  • CHE, Taekyung
    How Representations Provide Understanding
  • CHEN, Yukun
    Dual process in inference
  • HOOGERHYDE, Daniel
    The case for Mandatory Post-Mortem Organ Donation
  • HUSSAINI, Wali
  • KIM, Yeun
    Quantum Mechanics Investigation
  • LOTA, Kenji
    How do we come up with questions?
  • MA, Zhiyao
    Quantum Mechanics Investigation

  • MILLER, Curtis
    Mathematical Discourse and the Semantic Analysis of Achievement Verbs
  • RYU, Hwan
  • TORSOE, Katrina
  • VILLA, Katherine
    Offense, Emotion Regulation, and Affective Injustice
  • WITTOW, Ged
    What does it mean to be valuable?
  • YANG, Ziren

  • AKTAS, Duygu
    Presentation: Meaning and Referentiality of Great Apes’ Signals”. Philosophy Research Forum, University of Miami, September 21, 2022.
  • CISNEROS, Nicholas
    Rioting as Self
    Presentation: “Mathematical Grounding.” 17th Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology, July 24, 2023. [link]
  • HUSSAINI, Wali
    Presentation: “Constructing Constructivism: Humeanism vs. Kantianism about Values and Reasons”. Philosophy Research Forum, University of Miami, October 12, 2022.
  • KIM, Yeun
    Presentation: "Neo Berkeleyan Idealism: Appearance Idealism" Florida Philosophy Association, Sarasota, February 4, 2023. [link]
    Presentation: “Making Idealism More Attractive” at Philosophy Research Forum, University of Miami, 2022 Fall.
  • MILLER, Curtis
  • NICOLA, Nicholas
    Presentation: Group Silencing and Testimonial Exclusion, University of Vienna 2021, University of Miami 2021, and Centre for Research in Ethics, Montreal 2023.
  • RYU, Hwan
    Constitutive Russellian Panpsychism and Subject Combination Problem
  • VILLA, Katherine
    Do Statues Harm? Blame and Affective Injustice in the Case of Confederate Monuments
  • YANG, Ziren
    Presentation: "A Matrix of Exploratory Simulations” Philosophy Research Forum, University of Miami, Oct. 12 2022.

No Awards
  • CANTALAMESSA, Elizabeth
  • CISNEROS, Nicholas
    An Account of Natural Numbers Published as “Referential uses of Arabic Numerals.” Manuscrito–International Journal of Philosophy, 43(4): 1–23, 2020, DOI: 10.1590/0100- 6045.2020.V43N4.MV 
    Presentation: “2+2 = 4 but...I have different data! ” The Chronoscope Corner, Oral Narration and Cultural Management Association, September 7, 2021. Flyer.
    Presentation: “Mathematical Truth.” Physics and Feynman, Science Popularization Network, October 15, 2021. Video.
    Presentation: “Logic and Metaphysics of Properties.” LogicaMx, January 14, 2022. Video.
  • HANSON-PARK, Jared
    Presentation: "Structural Realism, Limiting Principles, and Naturalized Metaphysics." Philosophy of Science Association 27th Biennial Meeting, Baltimore, November 12, 2021
    Presentation: "Structural Realism and Agnosticism about Objects." Global Philosophy, vol. 33, 2023, online first:
    A Proposal for a Contractualist Philosophy of Disability
  • LIU, Shih Hao
    Presentation: "On the Relation Between Epistemology of Essence and Modal Epistemology." Western Canadian Philosophical Association Annual Meeting, Winnipeg, September 30, 2022.
    Presentation: "On the Relation Between Epistemology of Essence and Modal Epistemology." Federal University of São Paolo Graduate Student Conference, Online, October 25, 2022.
  • LOTA, Kenji
    Inquiring without Suspending
  • MA, Zhiyao
    The Foundation of Moral Principles
  • MILLER, Curtis
  • NICOLA, Nicholas
    Testimony as Joint Activity
  • RYU, Hwan
    Presentation: "Primitive Arithmetical Terms and Neo-Fregean Epistemology of Arithmetic." UM Philosophy Department Philosophy Research Forum, Miami, September 15, 2020.
  • VILLA, Katherine
    Presentation: "Cuban Nostalgia and the Moral Cost of Affective Relations to the Past."
  • WATTS, Matthew
    Presentation: "A World of Niftiness: From Panpsychism to Pan-niftyism" The Science of Consciousness 2023, Taormina, Italy, May 24, 2023 [link]

  • NICOLA, Nicolas
    Testimony as Joint Activity
  • MUSGRAVE, Shea
    A Response to Sensitivity-Based Epistemological Objections to Platonism
  • LIU, Shih-Hao
    Epistemic Goal, Epistemic Teleology and Trade-off Objection
  • VILLA, Kate
    Freedom, Normativity, and the Importance of Affective Reactions to Injustice

    From Pyrrhonism to the System of Disputes
  • CANTALAMESA, Elizabeth
    Intentional Miscommunication, Lexical Effects, and Conceptual Engineering
    On the Nature of Good Theoretical Inference
  • HANSON-PARK, Jared
    Russell's Epistemic Structuralism: From Problems of Philosophy to Human Knowledge
    Educational Aims and Students with Disabilities
  • LANDERS, Casey
    Cognitive Penetration Through Imagination
  • LOPEZ, Azenet
    Phenomenal Consciousness is Necessary for Attention
    Presentation: Phenomenal Consciousness is Necessary for Attention, MindGrad 2018: Perception and Perceptual Knowledge, University of Warwick, December 1, 2018.
  • MATHIS, Haley
    Empathy as Respect and the Objectification of Women
  • MCMULLEN, Amanda
    Appropriated Uses of Slurs as Status-Relevant Speech Acts
  • NICOLA, Nicolas
    Implicit Bias, Cognitive Penetration, and Perceptual Learning
    Presentation: Implicit Bias, Cognitive Penetration, and Perceptual Learning, New Perspectives on the Cognitive Penetrability of Perception, Turin Italy, December 10, 2018.
  • ODITO, John
    Maturity, Morality and Authenticity
  • SEO, Ji Soo
    Husserl’s Method of Free Variation and Thought Experiments
  • ODITO, John
    Maturity, Morality and Authenticity
  • TIPPENS, Daniel
    I Remember You Differently
  • VIVANCO, Melisa
    Numbers as Properties, Dissolving Benacerraf's Tension Presentation: Numbers as Properties, Dissolving Benacerraf's Tension, Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Prague, August 7, 2019. []
  • WATTS, Matthew
    Teaching Ethics in Schools: Importance, Utility, and Methods

  • MOREIRA, Felipe G. A.
    Historicizing and Rearticulating Ontology and Grounding
    Presentation: Historicizing and Rearticulating Ontology and Grounding, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Philosophy and Social Sciences Institute (IFCS), organized by the Logic and Metaphysics Graduate Program and Professor Guido Imaguire, August 2, 2017.
  • ASCHLIMAN, Lance
    Evidentialism and the No Rewards Principle
  • CANTALAMESSA, Elizabeth
    Disability Studies, Conceptual Ethics, and Metalinguistic Negotiation
    Presentation: Disability Studies, Conceptual Ethics, and Metalinguistic Negotiation, Northern Illinois University, Northern Graduate Conference, October 2017. Also to be presented at the Pacific meeting of the American Philosophical Association, March 2018.
    On the Priority of Epistemic Basing Events
    Phenomenal Structure and Phenomenal Content
  • LANDERS, Casey
    Gestalt properties, Associative Mechanisms, and the Contents of Perceptual Experience
  • LOCKE, Theodore
    The Role of Counterpossibles in Conceptual Ethics
  • MATHIS, Haley
    Care Ethics, Reactive Attitudes without responsibility
  • MCMULLEN, Amanda
    What are we doing when we use Synecdoche?
    Presentation: What are we doing when we use Synecdoche?, presented at the University of Iceland at the "Who's Got the Power? A Philosophical Critique of Social and Political Structures" conference, October 2017. Also presented at the Florida Philosophical Association in Ocala, November 2017.
  • ODITO, John
    The Concept of Maturity

  • ASCHLIMAN, Lance
    The Epistemic Value of True Belief (or the Lack Thereof)
  • CORRIGAN, Daniel
    Adjudicating Environmental Disputes in Human Rights Courts: Six Mutually Supporting Benefits
    Presentation: Adjudicating Environmental Disputes in Human Rights Courts: Six Mutually Supporting Benefits, MANCEPT Workshop in Political Theory, University of Manchester, UK, September 8, 2016.
    Moral Perception, Inference, and Imagination
    Presentation: Moral Perception, Inference, and Imagination, Florida Philosophical Association Annual Meeting, Melbourne, November 5, 2016; and forthcoming in Balcerak-Jackson, M., Balcerak-Jackson, B., eds. Reasoning. Essays on Theoretical and Practical Thinking. Oxford University Press.
  • JHOU, Nihel
    Daoist Conception of Time: Is Time Merely a Mental Construction?
  • LANDERS, Casey
    Inserted thoughts are mind pops: Preserving the subjectivity of consciousness
    Presentation: Inserted thoughts are mind pops: Preserving the subjectivity of consciousness, poster, Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Summer 2016.
  • LOPEZ, Azenet
    Non-descriptivism of Emotion and Sensation Attributions
    Presentation: Non-descriptivism of Emotion and Sensation Attributions,  American Association of Mexican Philosophers, Syracuse, NY, September 2016.
  • MATHIS, Haley
    A Moral Sentimentalist Account of Punishment
  • MCMULLEN, Amanda
    What is the Truth-Conditional Content of Slurs?
  • MUSGRAVE, Shea
    There is No Easy Road to Platonism
  • ODITO, John
    The Doctrine of Neocentrism
  • SCHUMMER, Jordan
    Movement and Temporality in Film

  • ASCHLIMAN, Lance & SCHUMMER, Jordan
    A Contextualist Semantics for Aesthetic Judgments. Published as Lance Aschliman and Jordan Schummer. A contextualist semantics for aesthetic judgments. Inquiry 2016;59(6):632-662.
    Moral Perception, Intuitionism, and A Priori Knowledge
  • LOCKE, Theodore
    Counterpossibles for Modal Normativists
  • LOPEZ, Azenet
    The Universe Is Not A Fundamental Object
  • MATHIS, Haley
    Care Ethics and Just Enough Paternalism, (i) Care Ethics' New Theory of Respect, MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory, University of Manchester, UK, Sept. 11-13, 2017; (ii) Care Ethics' New Theory of Respect, Gender and Autonomy Conference, University of Bristol, UK, June 5, 2017; (iii) "Moral Sentimentalism's New Theory of Respect," Inclusive Philosophies Conference, Purdue University, April 21-21, 2017.
  • MOREIRA, Felipe G.A.
    Images of Philosophy
  • THEIXOS, Heleana
    Ticking Time-Bomb Torture Cases and Moral Injury
  • TZINMAN, Rina
    An Argument for Survivalism

  • ASCHLIMAN, Lance
    Exploitation and Research on the Vulnerable.  Also, grant supported and influenced work on 12th Annual Graduate Student Conference: Biomedical Epistemology and Bioethics, 16-18 October 2014, University of Miami.
  • Corrigan, Daniel
    Political Conceptions of Human Rights and Corporate Obligation. In The Political-Moral Controversy Over Human Rights [working title], eds. Maliks, R, Schaffer, JK; under review.
  • EL ALI, Rami
    A New Solution to the Gamer’s Dilemma. The Philosophy of Computer Games, 13 November 2014, Istanbul; revised version presented at American University of Beirut, 16 February 2015.
  • MATHIS, Haley
    Gender Equality and Biomedical Enhancement. Florida Philosophical Association Annual Meeting, 14-15 November 2014, Tampa.
  • SCHWIND, Philipp
    Towards an Intuitionist Moral Epistemology Without Self-Evidence. German Society for Analytic Philosophy, 14-17 September 2015, Osnabrück, Germany.
  • THEIXOS, Heleana
    The Responsibility for Moral Repair in a Post-Atrocity Community. Dissertation chapter.
  • YELLE, Ben
    Objective Goods and the Subjective Intuition, submitted to the Pacific Meeting of the American Philosophical Association and the “Understanding Value” conference at Sheffield University. In addition, the paper formed a significant part of chapter two of the dissertation “Realizing What Matters,” successfully defended in October 2014.

  • CORRIGAN, Daniel
    Work-Related Human Rights and the Responsibilities of Business
  • HAMPIKIAN, Daniel
    The Morality of Animal Experimentation for Medical Purposes: A Model for Comparing Animal and Human Life and Wellbeing
  • MORRISON, Monica
    The Ethics of Vaccination Refusal: Epistemic Bias, Individual Choice, and the Health of the Public
  • NEIMAN, Robin
    GRADE-ing Equipoise:Formulating “Clinical Equipoise” as a GRADE System Policy Recommendation
  • SCHWIND, Philipp & WAI, Ho Man
    The Epistemology of Ethical Intuitionism
  • YELLE, Ben
    Advanced Euthanasia Directives and Physician-Assisted Suicide at the Margins of Agency: The Dutch’s Experience with Alzheimer’s AEDs

  • COHEN, Daniel
    A Defense of Two-Level Ethical Theories
  • HAMPIKIAN, Daniel
    Why Morality is Possible without Critical Self-Reflection in Humans and Animals: A Reply to Korsgaard
  • SCHWIND, Philipp
    Ross and Aristotle
  • THEIXOS, Heleana

  • BURGIS, Ben
  • COHEN, Daniel
  • HAMPIKIAN, Daniel
    Developing A Confucian Model for Moral Improvement within a Care Ethical System
  • WARREN, Mark
    Ethics and Psychopathy

  • ALPHONSE, Noel
    The Case Against Preventive War: An Analysis of the Prudential and Moral Dimensions of Contemporary American Foreign Policy
  • COHEN, Daniel
    Beliefs and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Explanation, Treatment, Understanding
  • HURLBURT, David Michael
    Is it Evil to Enjoy Imaginary Wicked Acts? Dissertation chapter.
  • MONDY, Brian
    Funniness and Normativity
  • OAKLEY, Shane
    Typology of Causes in Medical Malpractice
  • Kristin Francoeur
    Genetically Modified Organisms: The Development, Spread, and Legislation of GM Crops
  • HOOSHMAND, Mary A.
    Telemedicine for Children with Special Health Care Needs in Rural, Remote and Medically Underserved Areas:  Is there an inherent ethical responsibility for insurance companies to provide coverage?
  • KAYE, Amy L.
    Whose Duty Is It? Nurses’ Role in Informed Consent
  • HALBERSTAM, Manny (Brandeis University)
    A Timeline of U.S. Quarantines

  • GAUTHIER, Peter
    Ethics and Data Mining
  • GILES, Liz
    Ethics and Art Therapy
  • HENNING, Alyssa Anne
    Ethics and Ophthalmology
  • HURLBURT, Michael
    Facial Transplantation and Challenges to Informed Consent
    Publication: Hurlburt M. Facial transplantation: Understanding the interests of patients and hurdles to  informed consent. Medical Science Monitor 2007; 13(8): RA147-153. []
    Presentation: Hutlburt M. Facial Transplantation and Challenges to Informed Consent. 34th Annual Conference for Value Inquiry, Adrian College, Adrian, Michigan, April 12-14, 2007.
  • OAKLEY, Shane
    Ethics and Statistics
    Resource: Oakley S. Statistics. Forthcoming on the “Ethics Curriculum Project, a Web-based, interdisciplinary, intercurricular moral reasoning resources”

  • BARRIOS, George
    Advance Directives in Spanish
  • MORRIS, Jeremy
    Virtual Child Pornography
  • OAKLEY, Shane
    Ethics and Journalism
  • SCHUH, Matthew
    Ethics and Stem Cell Research

  • OAKLEY, Shane
    A Philosophical Analysis of Stem Cell Research
  • MORRIS, Jeremy
  • MOTORWALA, Zarina
    Project Medishare
  • SCHUH, Matthew

  • KENYON, John
    Ethical Evaluation of “Retainer Fee” Medical Practice
    Publication: Needell MH, Kenyon JS. Ethical evaluation of “retainer fee” medical practice. The Journal of Clinical Ethics2005;16(1):72-84.
  • LUO, Shirong
    Empathy and Virtue:  A Comparison of Two Novel Approaches to the Ethicality of Abortion
    The Ethics of Quarantine or Ethics and Quarantines
  • MOSKOWITZ, Ellen Lee
    Ethics Across Borders or International Research Ethics (in collaboration with Sergio Litewka)
  • GILES, Liz
    Fetal Rights, Abortion, Child Abuse, and Guardianship
    Presentation: Giles L. Wrongdoing, Entitlement and Binding Contracts with Nonexistent Beings.
    Presented to the annual conference of the Florida Philosophical Association, St. Petersburg, Fall 2003.
  • WINICK, Amber
    Health Privacy in Different Cultures

  • MILES, Jennifer
    The Possible Exploitation of Women in the Harvesting of Embryos for Stem Cell Research
  • VEBER, Michael L.
    Virtual Child Pornography
  • WEAVER, Christopher & O'CALLAGHAN, Erin
    Guardianship and Mental Incapacity
  • EUSTACHE, Michelle
    Ethics and Public Health

  • GOMBOSH, Michael
    Inappropriate Incentives for Conducting Human Subjects Research
  • JAGADISH, Padmini
    End-of-Life Care
  • LUO, Shiron
    Ethics and Genetics
  • OLSEN, Len
    Ethics of Sport Fishing
    Publication: Olsen L. Contemplating the intentions of anglers: The ethicist’s challenge. Environmental

    Conflicts of Interest in Professional Communities
  • NEUNDER, Mark
    The Moral Permissibility of Therapeutic Genetic Engineering
  • PEARSON, Yvette
    Obligations Towards Offspring Non-Paternalistic Arguments for Limiting the Freedom to Create New Persons

    Scientific Evidence and the Legal System
    Borenstein, J. The epistemic challenge of expert testimony. International Journal of
    Politics and Ethics
     2002; 2(3):225-42.

    Borenstein, J. Authenticating expertise: philosophical and legal issues. International
    Journal of Applied Philosophy
     2002; 16(1):85-102.

    Borenstein, J. Re-examining expert testimony. International Journal of Politics and

    Borenstein, J. Expertise and epistemology: can laypersons assess the claims of experts?
    Philosophy in the Contemporary World 2002; 9(2):1-6.
    Borenstein, J. An account of expertise: Goldman, Polanyi, and beyond. Appraisal 2001;
  • GANOVSKY, Peter
    Authorship Policies and Recruitment of Human Subjects
  • Satu Shah
    Drug-seeking Behavior in Dade County Emergency Departments (continued)
  • ZIDE, Kenneth
    Pediatric Decision Making

  • COHEN, Ilana
    The Talmud and Medical Ethics

  • ARNOLD, Jennifer
    Ethical Considerations of Genetic Screening and Engineering for Skeletal Dysplasias
    Ethical Issues Involved in Genetic Testing for and Manipulation of Personality Traits
  • BRUMER, Steven
    Informed Consent Research and Tissue Sampling Policies
  • KIRMSE, Brian
    Drug-seeking Behavior in Dade County Emergency Departments
  • NEWBURGE, Geri
    Ethics and Public Health
  • PAUL, Eby
    Tissue Cataloguing at the University of Miami/ Jackson Memorial Health Center

    The Ethics of Databases and Genetic Information