Ethics Curricula

Cancer Ethics
The University of Miami Ethics Programs have begun a special project in collaboration with the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center to develop and share resources in ethics and oncology, including clinical ethics, research ethics, public policy and gender issues.

Genetics and Ethics
Genetic knowledge and its applications are increasing at a remarkable pace. As the technology develops, society will continue to be challenged by a host of ethical, legal and social issues. The University of Miami Bioethics Program is contributing to the “genomic revolution” in a number of ways.

Geriatrics and Ethics
The Geriatrics and Ethics Project web resource provides an overview of leading ethical issues in aging. It is intended as an introduction to ethics and aging for students, health care professionals, scholars and policy makers, and has the following objectives:

Guardianship and Ethics
Few professions raise issues as interesting, complex and ethically challenging as guardianship. The task of making major decisions for others – often with no or only the slenderest threads of information – can be daunting.  Ethics Programs has produced an online mini-course on the topi