UM Publications in Ethics and Biomedical Informatics

This list contains selected publications in ethics and biomedical informatics by the faculty of the Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy.  



The University of Miami has been included in a number of U.S. Government events and workshops bearing on ethics and health information technology. A selection:

  • Korngiebel DM, Solomonides A, Goodman KW. Ethical and Policy Issues. In Cohen TA, Patel VL, Shortliffe EH, eds., Intelligent Systems in Medicine and Health: The Role of AI. Cognitive Informatics in Biomedicine and Healthcare series. Cham: Springer Nature 2022, pp. 505-525.
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  • Dimenstein K, Sosenko JM, Goodman KW. Do-It-Yourself Diabetes Management: Perspectives of a Patient, a Physician, and an Ethicist. Clinical Diabetes 2021; https://org/10.2337/cd20-0058
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  • Goodman KW, Berner ES, Dente MA, Kaplan B, Koppel R, Rucker D., Sands DZ, Winkelstein P. Challenges in ethics, safety, best practices, and oversight regarding HIT vendors, their customers, and patients: a report of an AMIA special task force. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 2011;18(1):77-81.
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