Schiavo Timeline, Part 3

February - April 2015 
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s moves toward a 2016 run for president rekindle interest in his handling of the Schiavo case.
     South Florida political analyst Michael Putney’s Miami Herald Op-Ed article, February 3
     Michael Schiavo’s letter to the editor in response to Putney’s article,  February 9
     Wall Street Journal article, February 18 (subscription may be required)
     Bloomberg Politics article, March 6
     Wall Street Journal article, March 29 (subscription may be required)

June 2015 
Now an official presidential candidate, “Jeb Bush Reminds Conservatives That He ‘Stood’ With Terri Schiavo”
     NBC News report article, June 19

January 2016 
In a Bush campaign advertisement, a narrator says, “He’s a man of deep faith who fought time and again for the right to life.” The ad includes a photo of Ms Schiavo, prompting Ms Schiavo’s widower to criticize Bush and his super-PAC for using “my wife’s tragedy for his crude political gain.” report, January 26
     Miami Herald’s Fred Grimm column, January 27 

November 2017

George Felos, one of Michael Schiavo's attorneys, in a letter to The Florida Bar News extolling mindfulness for lawyers, writes, "As the lead attorney in the Terri Schiavo case, I experienced years of bone-crushing stress and can attest to the benefits of meditation practice in dealing with that stress."

     The Florida Bar News,  Nov. 15, 2017, letters section