Oncology Research Ethics Resources

UM Oncology Research Ethics Consultation Service

UM Ethics Programs’ Research Ethics Consultation Service (RECS) is a resource for individuals at the University of Miami who find themselves confronting an ethical issue or question during the development, conduct, analysis or reporting of research.  RECS team members have a broad range of experience in research ethics and can advise about ethical issues that commonly (or not so commonly) arise during the research cycle.

To request a consultation, contact the Ethics Programs at 305-243-5723 or ethics@miami.edu.  A member of the RECS team will contact you within two business days.  If your matter requires a faster response, please so indicate when making the request.  If you need an immediate response, call the UM oncall paging service at 305-243-2222 and request that “Ethics Consult” be paged.

For more information on RECS see the Frequently Asked Questions page or email ethics@miami.edu .

Ethical Guidance

American Society of Clinical Oncology: Revised Conflict of Interest Policy 2005

Belmont Report – Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human
Subjects of Research

World Medical Association - Declaration of Helsinki- Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects (2008)


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