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Perhaps never in the history of science has a suite of technologies inspired more work to identify ethical and governance issues, and suggest best practices. Institutional, academic, governmental and other organizations have generated numerous reports, white papers and analyses – so many that sorting and tracking them is a challenge. A selection of some of these documents is available here.

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Adam Harvey/ Images from the MegaFace face recognition training and benchmarking dataset

World Health Organization

"The WHO Guidance on Ethics & Governance of Artificial Intelligence for Health is the product of 18 months of deliberation amongst leading experts in ethics, digital technology, law, human rights, as well as experts from Ministries of Health." Several Collaborating Centers, including that at the University of Miami, contributed to the document, which is available here. An online course based on the report, and to which UM also contributed, is here. The WHO's "Ethics and governance of artificial intelligence for health: guidance on large multi-modal models," released in January 2024, is available here.

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