Second Inter-American Encounter on Scientific Integrity | Institute for Bioethics | University of Miami

Second Inter-American Encounter on Scientific Integrity

PI: Sergio Litewka, University of Miami (Grant: 10RIIR190053-01)

The goal of this project is to foster an environment of research integrity in academic institutions in Argentina by promoting increased awareness of the benefits of institutional policy and training in responsible conduct of research (RCR) through the Second Inter-American Encounter on Scientific Integrity.

This 2-day workshop, to be conducted in Spanish, will bring together researchers, educators, and upper-level administrators from Argentina’s top universities with representatives of scientific societies, research funding agencies, and Argentina’s growing bioethics community to hear formal presentations, engage in in-depth discussion, and draft and critique model policies to promote research integrity in academic science.

The specific aims of this overall project are:  

  • To characterize the types and perceived prevalence of misconduct in Argentina’s academic research environment;
  • To develop a framework for institutional policies and procedures in Argentinian universities to prevent and respond to research misconduct and detrimental practices, particularly in international collaboration; 
  • To build a multi-disciplinary network of academic researchers, educators, and administrators actively engaged in promoting integrity and preventing misconduct in Argentina, with links to the Mexican RCR network established through our earlier ORI grant.

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