Ethics and Medical Humanities Pathway Advisory Committee

The Ethics and Medical Humanities Pathway Committee will meet bi-annually to review students’ initial proposals, to monitor a students’ interim progress in both the project and other pathway requirements, and to determine whether the student has successfully completed all three of the E/H Pathway requirements.


Gauri Agarwal, M.D 

Thomas Champney, Ph.D.
Cell Biology / Institute for Bioethics

Adriane Gelpi, Ph.D.
Department of Public Health Sciences / Institute for Bioethics

Tassie Gwilliam, Ph.D.

Meghan Homer, Ed.D.
UM Center for the Humanities

Rosario Isasi, J.D.
Human Genetics / Institute for Bioethics

Reina Lipkind, M.D.
Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Sergio Litewka, M.D.
Institute for Bioethics

Stephen Olvey, M.D.
Neurology / Institute for Bioethics

Raul E. De Velasco, M.D.
Medicine / Institute for Bioethics

Felipe Vizcarrondo, M.D.
Pediatrics / Institute for Bioethics

Jack Wolfsdorf, M.D.