Ethics and Humanities Pathway Student Projects

Class of 2022
Agwaramgbo, Ezinne
Brannon, Mason
Gaztanaga, Wendy
Masciarella, Andrew
Mintz, Mikaela
Rosewater, Jake

Class of 2021
Gordon, Alex
Ferrante, Jennifer
Tomargo, Christina
Torncello, Emma
Zukerman, Ryan

Class of 2020
Alonzo, Andrea
Chohan, Kunal
Nagarsheth, Meera
Panic, Heather

Class of 2019
Rajagopal, Aarabhi. Mentors: Tom Champney (Cell Biology), Kenneth Goodman (Bioethcs). Project: Teaching without harm: The ethics of performing posthumous procedures on the newly deceased. The poster was presented at the Eastern Student Research Forum, Miami; and the Second Annual Medical Student Ethics Conference, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York.  

Schwartz, Zachary. Project: The problem of stigma in psychiatric diagnostic categories.[2021]

Venincasa, Michael. Mentor: John Paul Russo (English). Project: The Ever-Evolving Art of Medicine.

Class of 2018
Halili, Francis. Project: "OATH: The Language of Medicine."
Kassi, Yolaine Anelia. Project: Visual arts representations of diverse ideas of "healthy"

Class of 2017   
Howard, Danielle. Mentor: Rose Maria van Zuilen (VA Geriatrics). Project: ”Back When They Lost What Made Them People”—an Analysis of Ageism in Popular Medical Television poster accepted for American Geriatrics Society 2017 Annual Meeting program, San Antonio. 

Penn, Rachel. Mentors: Monica Broome (Medical Education), Jeffrey P. Brosco (Pediatrics). Project:   A Student-Centered Approach for Teaching the Unteachable Skill of Empathy. Poster accepted at (i) AAMC Learn, Serve, Lead Conference, Baltimore, Nov. 5, 2015, Baltimore; (ii) American Medical Womens' Association, March 12, 2016, Miami; (iii) Patient Experience Empathy and Innovation Summit, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland.

Class of 2016
Faber, David. Mentor: Sam Salama (Surgery). Project:   Organ Donation 101: Educating the Public on the Basics of Organ Donation

Kaakour, Hadi. Mentors: Mark O’Connell (Medicine) and Thomas Musca (Cinema & Interactive Media). Project:   Development of Entertaining Programming for Use in Medical Ethics Education

Bona, Anna. Mentor: Jeffrey P. Brosco (Pediatrics). Project: Changes in Academic Demands and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Young Children.

Class of 2015
Dixon, Deri-Ann. Mentor: Stephanie White (Pediatrics). Project:   Our Legacy: Minority Female Physicians.

Stone, Melissa. Mentor: Jeffrey P. Brosco (Pediatrics). Project:   Autism Diagnosis/Etiology.

Most, Zachary. Mentor: Kenneth Goodman (Ethics). Project:   Minds and Medical Professionalism: Using Epiphenomenalism to Aid Decision Making in End-of-Life Care.

Nguyen, Linda. Mentor: Richard Tiberious (Medical Education), Project:   Breaking Ground with Simple Art.

Class of 2014
Cox, Audrey. Mentor: Xavier Cortada (Community Artist). Project: Integrating children’s artwork into murals at Jackson outpatient clinic.

Freiser, Monika. Mentor: Robin Fiore (Bioethics). Project:  Florida Hospital Ethics Committees: A Survey .

Stone McGuire, Laura. Mentor: University of Georgia. Project: “The Time to Unite is Now”:   The Revival of the Anti-Vaccination Movement with the Autism-Vaccine Debate  and Jenny McCarthy’s Co-option of the Second Wave Feminist Rhetoric of   Our Bodies, Ourselves.

Van Leer-Greenberg, Brett. Mentor: Jeffrey P. Brosco (Pediatrics). Project:    The Five Senses in Haiti.

Class of 2013
Lawler, Ashley. Mentor: Frank Stringfellow (English). Project:   Shakespeare’s Pacemaker: A Study in Poetic Meter and Cardiac Rhythms.

Harvey, Tynsia. Mentor: Jeffrey P. Brosco (Pediatrics). Project:   An Assessment of Student Athlete Perspectives on Mandate for Sickle Cell Trait Screening.

Muench, Michael. Mentor: Ardash Kumar (Medicine). Project:   Medical Hindi.

Class of 2012
Chen, Emerson. Mentor: Kenneth Goodman (Ethics). Project:   Involving Medical Students in Disaster Response: Ethics, Education and Opportunity.

Hudson, Ryan. Mentor: Richard Tiberius (Medical Education). Project: Artwork (mural?) depicting limits of physiological descriptions of emotion.

Lemelman, Benjamin. Mentor: Walter Lew (English). Project:   Stories/poems that depict his experience as a 3rd year student.