Ethics and Medical Humanities Pathway Student Projects

This is a list of students' Ethics and Medical Humanities Pathway capstone projects. Students have broad discretion in choosing topic and methods. Projects can result in scholarly documents, creative writing manuscripts, works of art or music, etc. Pathway members are strongly encouraged to identify and work with a mentor; most but not all mentors are UM faculty members. The inaugural class of Pathway graduates was 2012.

Class of 2023

  • Barkas, Christina Miami Med Speaks
  • Goodman, Courtney Art and Ophthalmology | Mentor: Dr. Bradford Lee (Ophthalmology)
  • Gordon, Alex
  • Khalil, Samara
  • Lin, Ashley Medical Ethics in Myth | Mentor: Dr. Richard Hutchins (Classics)
  • Masciarella, Andrew Confidentiality and the Hospital: Exploring the Dialogue between Patient Privacy and the Medical Built Environment | Mentor: Dr. Joanna Lombard (Architecture)
  • Moore, Sabrina Physicians and Social Change | Mentor: Dr. Hansel Tookes (Medicine)

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