Miami Med Speaks

Miami Med Speaks is a pilot project that invites members of the University of Miami community to share stories of how they experience humanity in medicine. We aim to provide a space for healthcare workers to engage in self-expression in a manner that nurtures vulnerability, empowers listeners, and fosters community.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope to provide a creative outlet for members of our community to reflect on the challenges, uncertainty, unity, hope, and innovations taking place in their lives. We want to hear your stories of the pandemic. From individuals on the frontlines, providers transitioning to telehealth, students spearheading volunteer efforts, healthcare workers behind the scenes, individuals promoting health equity, and innovators who have risen to the challenge of the moment—we all have a voice and a story worth sharing. With your help, we strive to document this unprecedented moment in medical history by assembling powerful video story submissions into a video “time capsule.”

We recognize that racism is a public health epidemic that negatively impacts the wellbeing and health outcomes of people of color. This ranges from police brutality to the novel coronavirus. As members of the health care community, we bear a responsibility to be active allies and undertake structural changes that ensure true equity and combat racism. We are especially interested in hearing stories from Black Americans and individuals actively serving Black communities as they face the long-lasting impacts of racism in this country—including increased morbidity and mortality due to COVID-19.

Share your voice, your humanity. Together we will reflect, remember, and empower.


WHO: All members of the University of Miami and associated healthcare communities.

WHAT: A collection of powerful 5-minute video stories that will be curated into a final video. Our team will vote on your submissions to be included in the final project.

WHEN: Now, submit your video recordings by Monday, August 31st.

WHERE: Anywhere you can record.

WHY: We strive to promote self-expression and foster community during these unprecedented times. By submitting your story, you will help us create an oral history "time capsule" to document this moment in medical history.