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Abstract Appeal, a website maintained by appellate attorney Matt Conigliaro, provides regular updates at, as well as a "Terri Schiavo Info" page with a timeline, Q&A and other material, at

American Civil Liberties Union's medical privacy site. The ACLU has filed a brief challenging the constitutionality of "Terri's Law." 
ACLU Brief

American Nurses Association statement.
Text of Statement

CT scans showing, left, a normal brain and, right, Ms. Schiavo's brain, giving evidence of extensive cortical regions filled with spinal fluid. The image on the right was made in 2002. The bright spot near the center is an intrathalmic stimulator placed in her brain in December 1990 in San Francisco, when her husband was seeking aggressive medical treatment.

Disability groups' October 2003 statement on "Issues Surrounding Terri Schindler-Schiavo." 
Text of Statement

Florida Partnership for End-of-Life Care, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-supported project to improve end-of-life services and education, produced a comprehensive guide: Making Choices: Beginning to Plan for End-of-Life Care. The document is available at here.

Florida's "advance directive" statute addresses issues related to surrogates and proxies, PVS, living wills, pain management, etc. FS765

Florida's Supreme Court maintains a site providing links to its rulings, opinions and other documents in the Schiavo Case. is an "independent news agency specifically devoted to reporting news that affects the pro-life community." One of the menu item features "bioethical issues," with a number of Schiavo-related items.

Not Dead Yet, a disability rights organization, filed an amicus brief in the case and issued a number of other statements criticizing hospice and other end-of-life care organizations and movements. salutes "blogs who will stand-up for Terri Schiavo" and maintains a Schiavo archive:

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation resources on end-of-life care. The foundation's Last Acts program closed in 2005.

"Terri's Fight," the  website of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation

"Top Ten List for Myths about Terri Schiavo + critical updates from," a site maintained by Gordon Watts.

U.S. Living Will Registry.

University of Pennsylvania "Neuroethics" site on "Terri Schiavo and the consciousness continuum."