Schiavo Religion and Faith-Based Resources

Below you will find a list of selected Schiavo religion-related resources. Additions, comments, and suggestions are welcome. Help us keep this information up-to-date by reporting incorrect or broken web links to

  • Crispe SE. The Right to Live. March 23, 2005. A Lubavitch Jewish commentary.  
  • Dolan JM, Flannery K. Statement Concerning the Case of Theresa Schiavo. Catholic Oct. 14, 2002. A statement from two Catholic scholars who challenge the testimony given by Fr. Gerard Murphy in the Schiavo case regarding Church's teachings.  
  • Florida Council of Bishops. Statement of the Catholic Bishops of FloridaThe Florida Catholic Conference, 2003. Statement specifically addresses the Schiavo case and expands on and notes full support of Bishop Lynch's statement.
  • Lynch RN.  Statement of Statement of Bishop Robert N. Lynch Concerning the Terri Schiavo Case. Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg 2003. Official statement by Bishop Robert N. Lynch suggesting, in part, that "Excessive rhetoric like the use of 'murder' or the designation of the trial judge or appellate judges as 'murderers' not be used by anyone from our Judeo-Christian tradition. This is a much harder case than those who use facile language might know."
  • Hamel R, Panicola M. Must we preserve life? America: The National Catholic Weekley 2004;190(14[April 19-26]) (discussing the view of many Catholic theologians that the Pope's allocution doesn't change previous Church teachings on life-sustaining care).