Survey of Privacy Laws in Central and South America

image of black LAThis annotated collection of Latin American privacy and confidentiality laws is intended as an introduction or overview for students, researchers, and others interested in global and international privacy policy.

The right to privacy -- most broadly, the “freedom from intrusion” -- is becoming more difficult to honor and protect. This is especially so given the extraordinary expansion of digital technologies that can access, monitor and study everyday activities. 

In this page you will find an extensive bibliography on privacy laws. Additions, comments, and suggestions are welcome. Help us keep this information up-to-date by reporting incorrect or broken web links to

This project was led by Dr. Sergio Litewka of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy. Rebecca Pol, a bioethics intern, compiled the initial sets of national laws. Dr. Valerie Gramling, of the University of Miami’s Writing Center, reviewed the Introduction.

This survey and its annotations do not provide and should not be inferred to provide legal advice of any kind. The tables are believed but not guaranteed to be accurate as of June 2020.

Please send questions, comments and suggestions to Dr. Litewka.