Cathy Lively, ADN, JD, D. Bioethics

Visting Scholar

Dr. Cathy Purvis Lively’s professional and educational background combines healthcare, law, and ethics. In healthcare she has experience as a critical care nurse in adult and neonatal intensive care, case management, and as a program director. As an attorney her practice has been in family law and mediation. She is a member of bar committees, including the Florida Bar Journal/News Editorial Board, Family Law Publication Committee, and Palm Beach County Bar Professionalism Committee. She is a faculty/teaching associate with the School of Professional Studies for Bioethics at Columbia University and a Peer Reviewer/Editor Columbia University’s Voices in Bioethics.

Dr. Lively received her JD from Nova Southeastern University, an MS in Bioethics from Columbia University, and a Doctorate in Bioethics from Loyola University.

Selected Publications  

  • Lively, CP. Medical-Legal Partnerships and Prevention: Caring for Unrepresented Patients Through Early Identification and Intervention. HEC Forum 2023;
  • Lively CP. Adding a Correction Factor to the Allocation of Scarce Life-saving Resources in a Pandemic: One Step Closer to Dismantling Structural Inequities. Voices in Bioethics, February 15, 2022,
  • Lively CP. COVID-19 in the Long-Term Care Setting: Ethical Challenges that Require Long-Term Solutions, in Egel E, Patton C, eds., The COVID-19 Pandemic: Ethical Challenges and Considerations, Cambridge: Ethics Press 2022, pp. 325-351.
  • Lively CP. Social Isolation of Older Adults in Long Term Care as a Result of COVID-19 Mitigation Measures During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Protecting the Individual or a Means to an End? Voices in Bioethics, June 28, 2021,
  • Lively CP. The High Infant Mortality Among Non-Hispanic White Infants in Appalachia: Is Whiteness a Factor? Voices in Bioethics, October 27, 2020,,
  • Lively CP. The Dual Role of the Medical Device Representative Supporting the Surgeon and Selling the Product, Which Role Takes Priority, Voices in Bioethics, October 30, 2020,,
  • Lively CP. COVID-19 in the Navajo Nation Without Access to Running Water The lasting effects of Settler Colonialism, Voices in Bioethics, March 8, 2021,,,

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